Demo Version of Startup Framework

We have created this demo version in order to show you the structure of Startup Framework. It has some of the components from the full version, 2 great samples (Bootstrap themes) and documentation. You can also find 2 images of a Macbook and an iPad, which you can use in your project. We hope you will like your first introduction to Startup Framework.

  • Eleven Components

    Each component is coded for web which will sufficiently hasten the process of creating a website.

  • Two Samples

    Samples will guide you how to play around using the UI Kit components in the website building process.

  • Two Images

    When you have to show your application or website on iPhone, iPad or Macbook you can use these images.


The most important part of the Startup Framework are the samples or Bootstrap themes and templates. The samples consist of a set of few pages you can use "as is" or add new blocks from UI Kit. By choosing one of the 2 configurations of the future startup, the process of creation is simple and easy. You can decide whether to create your site using UI Kit components or samples.

  • Sample #3

    Clean sample with a video block, a sign-up form and price table.

    Live Version
  • Sample #4

    A universal sample, which meets the needs of many startups.

    Live Version


Startup Design Framework contains components and complex blocks which can easily be integrated into almost any design. All of these components are made in the same style, and can easily be integrated into projects, allowing you to create hundreds of solutions for your future projects.

  • Eleven Components

    Eleven components like headers, footers, content blocks and a price table.

  • User Guide

    You’ll get a description of each component and learn how to use them.


We prepared some high-quality photos that you can use in your projects. When you have to show your application or website on iPhone, iPad or Macbook you can use these images. +Just put the image of your app inside Smart Layer.

  • Macbook

    You can place your image in a laptop window or on a moleskine page.

    Look at the photo
  • iPad in the Hands

    You most probably will need a photo with an iPad ;)

    Look at the photo

This demo is licensed under a CC 4.0. You are allowed to use these components anywhere you want, however we’ll highly appreciate if you'll show a link to our website.